NCEA Level 2 History

Subject Description

Teacher in Charge: Ms F. Dausabea

Qualification: NCEA Level 2 Achievement Standards – This subject provides you with the opportunity to gain credits towards the National Certificate of Educational Achievement.

Entry Requirement:

Entry is open for this subject. Where limited places are available, students’ grades from the previous year will be considered for prioritising entry.


Course Description:

·         Students learn to plan and carry out an inquiry of a historical event, or place, of significance to New Zealanders.

·         Students learn to examine an historical event, or place, of significance to New Zealanders.

·         Students learn to read, analyse and interpret historical sources.

·         Students learn more about the different perspectives of people in an historical event in a given time period.

·         Students learn to examine the causes and consequences of a historical event.

·         Students learn more about how a significant historical event affected New Zealand society.


This course leads to: Level 3 History NCEA Level 3 and University Courses requiring NCEA Level 3 Qualifications.

Vocational Pathways: Social and Community Services and Creative Industries

Air Force, Librarian, Anthropologist, Archaeologist, Archivist, Art Historian, Barrister, Bookseller, Careers Counsellor, Community Worker, Copy-writer, Corporate/Government Lawyer, Criminologist, Curator- Art Gallery/Museum, Diplomatic Officer, Economist, Editor, Employment Advisor, Geographer, Historian, Journalist, Judge, Legal Executive, Library Assistant, Minister of Religion, Policy Analyst, Political Scientist, Press Secretary, Prison-Education Co-ordinator, Probation Officer, Recreation Administrator, Social Worker, Sociologist, Solicitor, Sub-Editor, Union Organiser, Primary or Secondary School Teacher.


Excursions: There are two excursions in the Level 2 History program. Excursions will attract student contribution which will be covered if students have paid their activity fee in full.



  • If outside providers are used for assessments, these are noted on this form along with the provider code.
  • *These Achievement Standards will be offered for Extension Students.

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