NCEA Level 2 Computer Studies

Subject Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr C. Malaitai

Students will learn about computer programming, networks, databases, and general computer science theory such as binary, encoding and human computer interaction. Also how to apply acquired knowledge and skills to solve problems. Students have the opportunity to begin developing skills in the Digital Technologies fields that are in high demand in the job market, particularly in Computer Science and Engineering.


                NCEA Level 2 Computing


Entry Requirement:

NCEA Level 1


Course Description:

This subject introduces student to the topic of computing and teaches them the skills to participate in an Information Technology society.  It also teaches them valuable and essential skills that can be transferred to many other fields of learning.


This course leads to:

NCEA Level 3


Vocational Pathways:

Creative Industries, Manufacturing and Technology


Special Costs:

Standard NZQA fees apply only.



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