Getting Started with Course Selection

The aim of this website is to provide a guide to students in planning their pathways towards further education, training and employment.

It contains a detailed list of courses to be offered at this school, along with a listing of teachers/personnel who can give you guidance with your course selections.

If you do not know what you want to do in your future, do not worry, that is extremely common. Keep your options broad.

Remember: Make your own choices 



Dear Parents and Students 
This document contains information to assist in choosing subjects in Year 11 to 13 for 2020. Information provided will assist you in helping your child to make informed choices about the pathway they need to take towards their career choice. 

A variety of information has been provided to assist students in long-term planning towards a career path.  Information about how to achieve NCEA Level 1, 2 and 3 is provided.  Students are encouraged to plan their career path and locate information that will support them to achieve these goals.  Some tertiary information is provided to give an indication of subject choices that relate to some career pathways along with entry requirements to these courses.  It is important that students know about this, particularly as they enter Year 12. Vocational Pathways information provides another layer of support, linking NCEA achievement to different career paths that may be accessed through tertiary study or by directly entering the work force. 

Subject pathways need to be very carefully considered when students approach Year 11 as they will want to choose subjects that they will pursue through to Year 13. Students are encouraged to continue a broad range of subjects at this level.  

Good subject choices will be made if students consult with parents/caregivers, teachers and the careers counsellor. Student’s subject choices will initially be collated.  This information will help the school work out a timetable.  It is important that subject choices are carefully made. 

While the information in this booklet is accurate at the time of going to print, reviews by NZQA or subject teachers may result in some changes to the Achievement or Unit Standards offered for a subject.  Students are notified of the assessment programme for a subject at the beginning of term one in the new year. 

If you require further help, please contact the Dean or the Careers counsellor. 
We hope that this information may start you thinking about the various options available to you. 
Mrs L Covenden
Deputy Principal 



Additional Resources:

Find out as much information as you can about NCEA courses, the requirements for NCEA at each level, University Entrance requirements, approved subjects, careers, etc. by:

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